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How much do project managers in construction make?

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How Much Do Project Managers in Construction Make? – A Comprehensive Guide

Are you considering a career as a project manager in the construction industry? Wondering about the earning potential in this field? Look no further! In this guide, we will explore the salary range and benefits of project managers in construction in the US. Whether you're a construction professional looking to advance or someone interested in joining the industry, this information will help you make informed decisions.

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    • It takes into account regional variations and industry trends, offering a comprehensive overview.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest paid construction manager?

High Paying Project Construction Manager Jobs
  • Senior Construction Project Manager. Salary range: $103,000-$153,500 per year.
  • Commercial Construction Project Manager. Salary range: $89,000-$120,500 per year.
  • Electrical Construction Project Manager. Salary range: $84,000-$111,000 per year.
  • Landscape Architect.
  • Landscape Manager.

Can I make 100k as a project manager?

For Early Career Project Managers: If you have less than 10 years of experience, reaching the $100,000 salary will be challenging. If you're already earning that salary with less than ten years of experience, congratulations!

Why do construction managers make so much money?

Construction managers work on big projects and manage a lot of people, so they are paid well to do it. This is a fast-paced career that not everyone can stick with, so it makes sense that they make a big paycheck.

What is a typical day like for a construction worker?

Most sites begin work at 7 AM, however for certain projects workers may need to arrive earlier. 5:30 PM is a typical finish. Upper management will often call to check in on orders and shipments first thing in the morning while lower-level employees prepare themselves to begin work.

What should I bring to a construction site?

Provide personal protective equipment (PPE) such as eye, face, head, hand and foot protection, respiratory and hearing protection, and Personal Fall Arrest Systems (PFAS). Determine what heavy equipment will be utilized for site excavation.

What is a hard skill for construction?

Hard and technical skills: Hard skills such as: Physical strength, dexterity, hand-eye coordination, bricklaying, masonry, carpentry, framing, plumbing, electrical, drywall, roofing, sheet metal work, demolition, HVAC, inspecting, painting, repairs, measuring, installation, maintenance, power tools, renovations,

What is richard carpenter doing today

Mar 3, 2022 — What does Richard Carpenter do now? ... He is still pursuing a solo career in music. As a solo artist, one of his biggest releases was the Richard 

What is the easiest construction job to get?

  • 8 Entry Level Construction Jobs.
  • Carpentry Laborer. General Contractor's Laborer.
  • Carpentry Laborer.
  • General Contractor's Laborer.
  • Landscape Laborer.
  • Painting Laborer.
  • Commercial Construction Laborer.
  • Flooring and Tile Laborer.

What do you need to work construction in NYC?

What do I need?
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be a New York City resident.
  • Be authorized to work in the United States.
  • Have a High School Diploma or equivalency (GED/HSED)
  • Have eighth-grade reading and math comprehension or above.
  • Be interested in a career in the construction trades.

What do most construction workers make an hour?

Construction Worker Salary in California

Annual SalaryHourly Wage
Top Earners$60,165$29
75th Percentile$47,700$23
25th Percentile$35,800$17

What is the highest pay in construction?

Highest Paying Construction Jobs in the U.S.

Construction Job2022 Average Annual Wage
1Elevator and Escalator Installers and Repairers$93,960
2First-Line Supervisors of Construction Trades and Extraction Workers$77,650
3Pile Driver Operators$70,220
4Construction and Building Inspectors$70,130

How much are construction workers paid in NYC?

Hear this out loudPauseAs of Oct 28, 2023, the average hourly pay for a Construction Worker in New York is $28.08 an hour. While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $40.29 and as low as $12.98, the majority of Construction Worker salaries currently range between $18.65 (25th percentile) to $24.86 (75th percentile) in New York.

What are the physical work environment of a construction manager?

Physical Work Conditions

Sometimes work indoors in an office, or outdoors at a construction site. Are often exposed to sounds and noise levels, such as from earth-moving equipment, that are distracting and uncomfortable. Wear protective equipment often, such as hard hats, when touring a construction site.

What is the work schedule for a construction manager?

Most construction managers work full time, and some work more than 40 hours per week. Construction managers' work schedules may vary. They may need to work extra hours to meet deadlines, and they may have to be on call 24 hours a day to respond to project emergencies.

What type of producer is a construction worker?

Explanation: A construction worker can be classified as a builder, as they are responsible for constructing or building various structures.

What are some interesting facts about being a construction manager?

Fun Facts About Residential Construction Management
  • Fact 1: It's an Opportunity for Women.
  • Fact 2: It's a Dynamic Job.
  • Fact 3: The Hours are Non-Standard.
  • Fact 4: Your Office will be Virtual.
  • Fact 5: You're Going to Build a Legacy.

What is the physical environment of the workplace?

Physical work environment includes ergonomics (physical exposure), exposure to chemicals and particles, exposure to noise and vibration, climate, lighting and safety.

How do I get started in the construction industry?

Three basic ways to get started in the construction industry

Enroll for post-secondary training at a university, community college or technical institute and study for the construction career of your choice. Or, find a job as an entry-level construction worker and learn the skills you need on the job.

Is construction worth getting into?

A construction job does offer a high rate of pay and the ability to earn great money. But it offers more than that, too. In the construction field, you can make a great living while contributing to projects that make a real difference in people's lives. That's worth a lot — even if you can't put a price tag on it.

How do I get more construction experience?

How to get construction work experience
  1. Secure an entry-level position.
  2. Become an intern.
  3. Choose a degree with industry placement.
  4. Find a summer job.
  5. Engage in a volunteering project.
  6. Obtain professional health and safety certificates.
  7. Find opportunities within your network.


Why construction is a good career?
Construction can be very lucrative. Experienced workers frequently make as much money or more as their counterparts with college degrees. Construction is one of the few professions where you can start working directly after high school, advance quickly, and make a decent wage with good perks.

What is the easiest construction job to get into?
What entry-level construction jobs are available?
  • General laborers: As a general laborer, you have a great variety of tasks.
  • Cleanup crew members: Cleanup crew members are key to ensuring the job site remains safe.
  • Flaggers: As a flagger, you control the flow of traffic in and around the job site.
What is 90% of a project manager's job?


It turns out that 90% of a project manager's job is spent on communication so it's important to make sure everybody gets the right message at the right time.

Is building construction in demand?
The construction industry averaged more than 390,000 job openings per month in 2022, the highest level on record, and the industry unemployment rate of 4.6% in 2022 was the second lowest on record, higher than only the 4.5% unemployment rate observed in 2019.

How can I be successful in construction?
Here are 12 tips to help you successfully grow your construction business:
  1. Build a great team.
  2. Manage your business, but lead your people.
  3. Invest in your business.
  4. Be selective to be profitable.
  5. Get the word out.
  6. Play to your strengths.
  7. Network to earn more work.
  8. Quality is king.
Is construction good for money?
A construction worker salary is really quite impressive! Average earnings across a variety of common construction professions are higher than the average US salary of $56,310.

Can a construction worker become a millionaire?
Construction millionaires not only exist, they are created every day. Most have made their fortunes not because they got one lucky break, but because they figured out how to work smart, not just hard.

What did Richard Carpenter do after Karen Carpenter died?

Since Karen's death in 1983, Richard Carpenter has continued to mark the legacy of his sister and the group by performing and bringing out new compilations.

Who inherited Karen Carpenter's estate?

LOS ANGELES -- Singer Karen Carpenter named her brother, Richard, and her parents as equal beneficiaries in the will that was filed for probate Wednesday. Richard was named executor of the will. The worth of the late singer's estate was not listed in the documents filed in Superior Court.

How much did Karen Carpenter's husband get when she died?

Did Karen Carpenter's husband inherit her fortune? No he did not. They had been divorced a year at the time of his death. She left her brother Richard one half of her fortune, and her parents the other half.

What happened to the carpenters?

Their joint career ended in 1983 when Karen died from heart failure brought on by complications of anorexia. Extensive news coverage surrounding these circumstances increased public awareness of eating disorders. Their music continues to attract critical acclaim and commercial success.

Who was the love of Karen Carpenter's life?

Personal life

Petula Clark, Olivia Newton-John, and Dionne Warwick were friends of Carpenter, even as she struggled with anorexia. After a whirlwind romance, on August 31, 1980, Karen married real estate developer, Thomas James Burris.

What is the training program for construction workers usually called?

The OSHA Outreach Training Program for the Construction Industry provides training for workers and employers on the recognition, avoidance, abatement, and prevention of safety and health hazards in workplaces in the construction industry.

What are the skills of a construction worker?
Example of skills needed for a construction laborer
  • Ability to operate tools and machinery.
  • Familiarity with safety protocols.
  • Trade-specific skills.
  • Proficiency in math and reading.
  • Comfortable with technology.
  • Strength and stamina.
  • Hand-eye coordination and dexterity.
  • Memory.
How important is training in construction?
Proper training and education can help workers understand the importance of quality and the steps they can take to ensure that their work meets the highest standards. Workers who have received proper training and education are also more likely to be familiar with the latest building codes and regulations.

What soft skills are needed for construction?
The top non-technical skills construction employers seek
  • A problem-solving mindset.
  • Communication skills.
  • Building relationships and a reputation in a team environment.
  • Influencing skills.
  • Commercial awareness.
  • Organisation and time management.
  • Adaptability and flexibility.
Is OSHA 30 worth it?

Whether you're an individual worker looking to boost your resume or a safety professional in an organization, adding OSHA 10 or 30 hour training to your curriculum is worth it. The completion of OSHA 10 and 30 hour training creates a groundwork for a safe work environment.

How do you describe construction work?

Hear this out loudPauseSample construction worker job description

The role entails a wide range of tasks, from basic to difficult to hazardous. These may include clearing and preparing a site; building scaffolds, barricades, bracing, and other structures; and operating concrete mixers, jackhammers, saws, drills, and more.

What are the benefits of being a construction worker?
Read through these reasons carefully and decide for yourself whether a construction job is in your future!
  • Great pay.
  • Great benefits.
  • Advancement potential.
  • High demand for workers.
  • Variety of roles and specializations.
  • Lateral movement.
  • Virtually no pay gap.
  • No college debt/fully funded training available.

How much do project managers in construction make?

How do you put construction workers on a resume? How to write a construction worker resume
  1. List your contact information. First, list your contact information at the top of the document.
  2. Write a professional summary.
  3. Add your professional experience.
  4. Include your education.
  5. List your skills.
  6. Mention your certifications.
  7. Proofread your resume.
What is the physical work environment?

Hear this out loudPauseA good work environment contributes to efficiency and competitiveness and is an important health factor. Physical work environment includes ergonomics (physical exposure), exposure to chemicals and particles, exposure to noise and vibration, climate, lighting and safety.

How do I start a career? How to start a career
  1. Make a list of your interests and talents. Create a list of your hobbies, skills and passions.
  2. Consider your career preferences.
  3. Review your qualifications.
  4. Research industries and careers.
  5. Consider volunteering or interning.
  6. Find a mentor.
  7. Pursue the right qualifications.
  8. Apply for positions.
How do you work your way up in construction? Here are nine tips to advance your career from where you are in your current construction job.
  1. Have a “Can-Do” Attitude.
  2. Stay as Long as it Takes.
  3. Focus on Quality.
  4. Stay on Time and on Budget.
  5. Be Obsessed with Safety.
  6. Build Relationships in the Construction Industry.
  7. Expand Your Responsibility.
  8. Innovate.
How do I get started in construction?

Three basic ways to get started in the construction industry

Enroll for post-secondary training at a university, community college or technical institute and study for the construction career of your choice. Or, find a job as an entry-level construction worker and learn the skills you need on the job.

How do I become a construction worker in Michigan?


A high school diploma or G.E.D. is required for most positions. Some skilled labor careers will require additional training programs ranging from 12 weeks to 2 years.

How can I learn construction fast? How to learn about construction
  1. Get an entry-level construction position.
  2. Read about construction.
  3. Use video resources.
  4. Consider joining a mentorship.
  5. Take online courses.
  6. Enroll in college programs.
  7. Attend conferences.
  8. Accomplish projects.
How can i become a construction worker

Jul 21, 2023 — The minimum education requirement for construction workers is a high school diploma or GED, with much of the learning occurring on the job.

Where is richard carpenter now

Aug 21, 2023 — Where is Richard Carpenter now? ... Since Karen's death in 1983, Richard Carpenter has continued to mark the legacy of his sister and the group by 

How do I become a construction worker in NY?

Have eighth-grade reading and math comprehension or above. Be interested in a career in the construction trades. Be willing to commit to a multi-year paid apprenticeship program with a union (after the pre-apprenticeship) Be able to attend unpaid training during the day Monday through Friday (limited night class

What does a Labourer do?

In short, a labourer is someone who performs manual labour jobs. Within the construction industry this can range from a general labourer to an experienced multiskilled labourer. Generally, they work with other trained professionals such as Bricklayers, Carpenters or site management to fulfil their role.

How much do construction laborers make in New York?

As of Oct 24, 2023, the average hourly pay for a Construction Worker in New York is $28.08 an hour. While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $40.29 and as low as $12.98, the majority of Construction Worker salaries currently range between $18.65 (25th percentile) to $24.86 (75th percentile) in New York.

Do contractors in NY need a license? New York does not require most contractors to hold a license on the state level. There are only three types of contractors that need to carry a state license: Asbestos contractors. Crane operators.

What kind of training was needed for construction?

Hear this out loudPauseHealth and safety training, first aid and CPR training, construction math, electrical safety training, rigging, and slinging, welding, construction materials and methods, heavy equipment operation, communication skills, and time management are essential areas of training for construction worker.

Which safety course is best for construction?

Hear this out loudPauseDiploma in Construction Safety is a course specially designed for workers associated with construction industry and promoted by the Government of India.

What happened to the carpenters after Karen died?

Since Karen's death in 1983, Richard Carpenter has continued to mark the legacy of his sister and the group by performing and bringing out new compilations.

What happened to the Carpenters music?


Following Karen's death, Richard has continued to produce recordings of the duo's music, including several albums of previously unreleased material and numerous compilations. The posthumous Voice of the Heart was released in late 1983 and included some tracks left off Made in America and earlier albums.

Does Richard Carpenter have a speech impediment?

Karen and Richard Carpenter both had a particular speech defect, a problem with the "S" sound.

How much did Carpenter weigh when she died?

The singer suffered from anorexia nervosa, a disorder caused by compulsive dieting. Her publicist, Paul Bloch, said she died of a full cardiac arrest. It was not known whether the anorexia contributed to her death, but the 5-foot-4 woman weighed 108 pounds.

  • What type of construction business is most profitable?
    • Which type of construction business is the most profitable? The most profitable type of construction business involves manufacturing, as it targets the entire construction industry. These include cement blocks, ceramics, and fly ash bricks.

  • How can I make a lot of money in the construction industry?
      1. Focus on Your Company's Cash Flow.
      3. Consider SUBCONTRACTOR RISKS.
      4. Ensure Regular Education and Training with a Focus on Safety.
      5. Increase Your Company's Productivity.
  • Can you become a millionaire in construction?
    • One way that construction company owners can become millionaires is by owning multiple companies. If an owner has built up a successful construction company and has the knowledge and expertise to replicate that success, they can start branching out and creating new companies.

  • How can I teach myself construction?
    • Learn About Construction – 10 Best Ways
      1. Construction Experience.
      2. Online blog posts.
      3. Industry Publications.
      4. Youtube and other video resources.
      5. Mentorships.
      6. Online construction courses.
      7. University or college programs.
      8. Books or E-Books.
  • Can construction be self taught?
    • You can study but you need to practice because construction is not all books. It's working with tools and is a 'hands-on" practice, not just some office job where you learn everything through books and youtube videos.

  • How easy is it to learn construction?
    • Getting into the construction field isn't exactly an easy breezy exercise, but it is something you can do if you have the right mindset and motivation.

  • How fast can you learn construction?
    • Construction laborers usually learn their skills on the job, but the BLS recommends they have a high school diploma and complete an apprenticeship program. An apprenticeship program combines hands-on training and classroom instruction and takes two to four years to complete.

  • Is it good to learn construction?
    • Job Security Construction management jobs are expected to rise 8% over the next decade—which is faster than the national average. That is over 41,500 jobs added each year until 2031! Due to the array of responsibilities in construction management, opportunities for specialization are abundant.

  • What did Richard Carpenter do after Karen's death?
    • Since Karen's death in 1983, Richard Carpenter has continued to mark the legacy of his sister and the group by performing and bringing out new compilations.

  • Does Richard Carpenter have a wife?
    • Mary CarpenterRichard Carpenter / Wife (m. 1984)

      Personal life. In 1984, Carpenter married his non–blood related cousin, Mary Rudolph. Her brother, Mark Rudolph, was the Carpenters' road manager as well as the radio call-in "contestant" in the [Oldies] "Medley" on the album Now & Then (1973). The couple had been dating since the late 1970s.

  • What happened to the Carpenters singer?
    • The duo toured continually during the 1970s, which put them under increased strain; Richard took a year off in 1979 after he had become addicted to Quaalude, while Karen suffered from anorexia nervosa. Their joint career ended in 1983 when Karen died from heart failure brought on by complications of anorexia.

  • What was Karen Carpenter worth when she died?
    • At the time of her untimely death in 1983, Karen Carpenter's net worth was estimated to be around $5 million. This significant sum was primarily amassed through her extensive music career, record sales, and live performances.

  • How old would Karen Carpenter be if she was alive?
    • On Feb. 4, 1983, singer Karen Carpenter fell victim to heart failure brought on by the chemical emetine after an eight-year battle with anorexia nervosa. Today, March 2, 2020, she would have been 70 years old.

  • Did Richard Carpenter marry his cousin?
    • Personal life. In 1984, Carpenter married his non–blood related cousin, Mary Rudolph. Her brother, Mark Rudolph, was the Carpenters' road manager as well as the radio call-in "contestant" in the [Oldies] "Medley" on the album Now & Then (1973).

  • What do you call a person who works in construction?
    • Hear this out loudPauseConstruction laborers, also referred to as construction craft laborers, perform a wide variety of construction-related activities during all phases of construction. Many laborers spend their time preparing and cleaning up construction sites, using tools such as shovels and brooms.

  • How would you describe yourself as a construction worker?
    • Hear this out loudPauseDependable, hard-working construction worker with 10 years experience working on residential and large commercial building projects. Expertise working with a wide range of construction materials and equipment; familiarity with building processes, from project initiation through completion.

  • What is the term for a concrete worker?
    • Hear this out loudPauseCement Masons and Concrete Finishers.

  • How do you put construction skills on a resume?
    • Hear this out loudPauseMake sure you list the skill level with different tools or machines you've worked with, including any certifications you may have to operate them. You should also include any specific construction skills you have, like experience with plumbing or wiring.

  • What means the same as laborer?
    • Worker

      Hear this out loudPauseSynonyms of laborer (noun worker) worker. drudge. employee. farmhand.

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