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How to pass a construction inspection test

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PRACTICE utilizing our “Question Database,” providing over 800 practice questions. Study-specific questions and answers and take timed simulated practice exams. Practice Questions and Mock Final Exams (Practice looking up answers in your codebook, Take full-length simulated exams).

How do I prepare for ICC?

Get in the Study Zone!
  1. Buy Code Books / References. If you know which references you need for your exam, you can purchase your reference books through the ICC Store.
  2. Review Your Exam's Content Outline.
  3. Take Courses with ICC Training.

How do I become ICC certified?

Becoming ICC certified in a particular field requires you to be at least 18 years old and pass a test designed for that specific certification. Each test takes at least a few hours, with the longest tests giving you a maximum allotted time of six hours.

How do I become a building inspector in CA?

First and foremost, you must meet the formal requirements set forth by the state of California. These requirements include obtaining a high school diploma or equivalent, completing a minimum of 60 college semester units, and passing a state-approved building inspector exam.

Is B1 test difficult?

Students who want to pass the B1 SELT ISE I exam need at least B2 level of English, it normally takes a bit longer to prepare if you are B1 level as there's more to learn, in particular you will need to learn new strategies to score more in your writing and reading parts which are not very easy to complete for someone

How much does it cost to remodel a kitchen in Portland Oregon?

In the Portland market specifically, the average cost homeowners paid to remodel their kitchens is $84,846, with the lowest cost at $29,088 and the highest cost at $164,855. The typical kitchen remodel costs in Portland are slightly higher than the national average, but are not outside of the national average range.

What is the biggest expense in a kitchen remodel?


Part of determining that price of your kitchen remodel is the extent of your makeover. Your biggest cost investment for a kitchen remodel will usually be cabinets, which typically eat up 25 percent of your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is $30,000 enough for a kitchen remodel?

The National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends spending no more than 10%–15% of your home's total value on a kitchen renovation. This amounts to no more than $30,000–$45,000 for a $300,000 home.

Where is the best place to be a contractor?

And the 10 best states for construction jobs are ….
  • New York.
  • Florida.
  • Texas.
  • North Carolina.
  • Illinois.
  • Washington.
  • Georgia.
  • California.

How do I hire a local contractor?

Hiring a Contractor Checklist and Tips
  1. Get Multiple Estimates.
  2. Hire Local, Licensed Contractors Whenever Possible.
  3. Check Their Past Work.
  4. Take Your Time Making a Sound Decision.
  5. Check Their Insurance and Bonding.
  6. Get Everything in Writing.
  7. Understand Your Right to Cancel.
  8. Don't Pay Up-Front.

How to pass a construction inspection test

1) Before you can start, you'll need an inspection test plan form. · 2) Complete the form by, first, adding your task inspections. · 3) Now, add your milestone 

How big is the Remodeling industry?

Questions Clients Ask About This Industry

The market size, measured by revenue, of the Remodeling industry was $109.6bn in 2022. What was the growth rate of the Remodeling industry in the US in 2022? The market size of the Remodeling industry declined -11.3% in 2022.


Who is the richest contractor in the United States?


1. Bechtel. Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Bechtel is the largest general contractor in the country. With revenues of $17.5 billion recorded in 2021, Bechtel is pretty consistently at the top of this list.

How long does it take to get a contractors license in Oregon?

Complete the 16-hour pre-license training and take the exam. Select a Responsible Managing Individual to complete the training and exam. Find a list of approved pre-license educators here​. Once you have taken the training, you will be directed to take the test from your pre-license training provider.

How much work can you do without a contractor license in Oregon?

What are the limitations of handyman work in Oregon? You cannot complete projects where the contract value exceeds $1,000. This eliminates all big jobs like kitchen and bath remodels but still leaves a lot of room for small repairs and other services. Also, that $1,000 includes all labor and materials involved.

Who needs a contractors license in Oregon?

Generally, Oregon law requires anyone who works for compensation in any construction activity involving improvements to real property to be licensed.

How to pass a construction inspection test

How do I check for complaints against a contractor in Oregon?

Always confirm a contractor's license status before hiring. You can also call (503) 378-4621 to check their complaint history.

What type of construction is a remodel?

Remodeling is defined as altering a structure, whether this alteration is exterior or interior, from the original construction. Some examples of remodeling are, but are not limited to: Completely transforming the structure and/or style of any space, home, or building.

Can I get in trouble for hiring an unlicensed contractor in Oregon? Any person who knowingly uses the services of an unlicensed labor contractor shall be personally, jointly and severally liable with the person acting as a labor contractor to the same extent and in the same manner as provided in ORS 658.453 (Civil penalty) (4).

How much does a construction inspector earn in the US?

Construction Inspector Salary

Annual SalaryWeekly Pay
Top Earners$104,000$2,000
75th Percentile$80,000$1,538
25th Percentile$50,000$961
  • How do I become an inspector in California?
    • Here are four steps on how to become a home inspector in California:
      1. Enroll in approved home inspector courses. Most companies require home inspectors to have their high school diploma or GED.
      2. Take the National Home Inspector Exam (NHIE)
      3. Apply for positions at a home inspection firm.
      4. Obtain additional certifications.
  • What do you need to be a building inspector in NJ?
    • Graduation from an accredited institution of higher education with a bachelor's degree in architecture or engineering, or in architectural or engineering technology, or in any other major area of study significantly related to building construction, and two years of subsequent experience in construction, design,

  • How much does a building inspector make in California?
    • The average Building Inspector salary in California is $67,455 as of October 25, 2023, but the range typically falls between $57,418 and $77,421.

  • What type of inspector makes the most money?
    • High Paying Public Works Inspector Jobs
      • Construction Inspector. Salary range: $50,000-$80,000 per year.
      • Building Code Inspector. Salary range: $51,000-$76,500 per year.
      • Building Inspector. Salary range: $49,500-$75,000 per year.
      • Home Inspector.
      • Licensed Home Inspector.
      • Site Inspector.
      • Zoning Administrator.
      • Plans Examiner.

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