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Kenshi forgotten construction set how to create new items

Kenshi Forgotten Construction Set: How to Create New Items

The Kenshi Forgotten Construction Set offers a valuable resource for players looking to expand their gameplay experience in the popular action role-playing game, Kenshi. Specifically, the set provides detailed instructions on how to create new items within the game's vast world. This brief review aims to highlight the positive aspects and benefits of using the Kenshi Forgotten Construction Set for creating new items.

Benefits of Kenshi Forgotten Construction Set: How to Create New Items:

  1. Comprehensive Guide:

    The Kenshi Forgotten Construction Set serves as a comprehensive guide, covering every aspect of creating new items in the game. It offers step-by-step instructions, making it easy for players to follow along and learn the process quickly.

  2. Enhanced Gameplay:

    By utilizing the Construction Set's features, players can introduce their own unique items into the game. This allows for a personalized and enhanced gameplay experience, fostering creativity and exploration within the Kenshi universe.

  3. Flexibility and Customization:

    The Construction Set empowers players with the ability to customize various aspects of their new items. From appearance to functionality, the set provides tools that allow for a wide range of customization options, ensuring the created items align with the player's desires and playstyle.


If you just want to add an item to a character's inventory, then open the character's file in FCS, select Inventory from the dropdown list, and choose whatever item you want to give them. The bottom of the little window gives you details of what the settings are.

How do I add items to my vendor Kenshi?

In window 'Game World', click 'Vendor List', double click a vendor, e.g. 'armor vendor holy'. 5. Select the item type you want to add in the drop-down list, e.g. 'clothing'. Click 'Add'.

How do you create a new mod in Kenshi?

To create a new mod, click the "Create new mod file" button to the right, and a prompt will appear asking for a name. Once a name is entered, the mod will appear in the list, and a mod folder will be generated in Kenshi/mods. The "DONE" button will close the start screen and open the "Game World" window.

How do you create weapons in Kenshi?

Weapons must be created from Iron Plates. Weapon Smithing Benches, or Weapon Smith in game, can be upgraded twice. The related technologies for this crafting are Basic Weapon Smithing, Basic Weapon Grades, Advanced Weapon Smithing, and Advanced Weapon Grades.

What is Shift F12 in Kenshi?

Primarily, in-game editor is used to design towns and building interiors. You can access it any time by pressing Shift + F12. By and large, the three buttons you'll need for mods are town placement, buildings, and items.

How do you find a character in Kenshi?

There are two basic ways players can go about recruiting characters in Kenshi: finding them at bars and talking to drifters. The first option can be a bit more expensive, especially for players who haven't managed to make a lot of Cats yet, the in-game currency in Kenshi.

How do I access FCS Kenshi?

The Forgotten Construction Set, better known as "the FCS," is a tool used to create modifications to Kenshi. The construction set is located in the Kenshi folder under the name "forgotten construction set".

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you marry in Kenshi?

This was in suggestions on the official site. From the way it's looking, no. There will be no marriages, family, etc. Nope, too complicated to work.

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What is the maximum squad size in Kenshi?

After recruiting any number of these characters, players can control each squad member as well as all of them at once. The maximum number of characters you can control is 30. This can be increased with mods fairly easily.

Kenshi forgotten construction set how to create new items

How do I get more Kenshi units?

It is likely that players will find at least one person for hire at one of the many bars across Kenshi's world. For example, in the Hub, players can find a small assortment of characters they can hire for around 6,000 Cats. Drifters, however, are less easy to find as they wander the lands in the game.

What is 256 squad limit Kenshi mod?

In vanilla Kenshi, the number of characters in the player's squad is capped at 30. The 256 Recruit and Squad mod raises the recruitment cap to exactly that much and increases squad limits from five to 30. While this radical increase may seem like overkill, it isn't game-breaking in the way that one might expect.

How do I get more squad members in Kenshi?

How To Recruit Characters In Kenshi? There are two basic ways players can go about recruiting characters in Kenshi: finding them at bars and talking to drifters. The first option can be a bit more expensive, especially for players who haven't managed to make a lot of Cats yet, the in-game currency in Kenshi.

What is Kenshi's secret?

During his time there, Kenshi came across the fusion of souls known as Ermac, and in pity, he broke Shao Kahn's control over him. Out of gratitude, he taught the blind swordsman how to use his latent telekinetic powers in combat and to sense the presence of people and objects around him.

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  • How do I add money to my FCS Kenshi?
    • Open the FCS, open your save, in the “Changes List” open “Camera” and then edit the player's money value to whatever you want. It's recommended you don't give yourself billions of cats as it could bug the game and don't ask why the game developer put the money files under “Camera”.

  • Can you join cannibals in Kenshi?
    • Players cannot choose to start as a member of this race in any Game Starts.

  • What is the best armor in Kenshi?
    • Kenshi: Best Armor, Ranked
      • 7 Dark Leather Shirt. Any player who wants to try and either look like a great thief or blend into dark corners of the world will need a Dark Leather Shirt.
      • 6 Leather Turtleneck.
      • 5 Mask Type III.
      • 4 Blackened Chainmail.
      • 3 Ninja Rags.
      • 2 Crab Armor.
      • 1 Samurai Armor.
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      I agree that “IR” in engineering usually means “infrared”. sometimes it is used for “Industrial Relations”, and less often for “International Relations”.

  • Kenshi forgotten construction set how to tweak spawnrates of custom weapons
    • Mar 28, 2015 — I noticed that most/all of the NPC's "Weapon Level" is zero, yet some have "Armour Level" set to a higher number. Originally I wanted the "Sword 

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