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Oblivion construction set what does su mean in texture names

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Jan 20, 2023 — ... Oblivion Construction Set everything looks correct with the correct textures. ... can you explain better what you mean? Where exactly should I 

How to get base ids from tes construction set

Find it in the TESIV editor and type in player.additem, ZZXXXXX 1. ZZ is the id that's given to the mod in the Oblivion Mod Manager

Where do ESP files go Oblivion?

ESP files in the DATA directory for where you have Oblivion installed traditionally it's "C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonOblivionData" once you're opened Oblivion with the Steam Game Start, you'll get the launcher, and that has "Data Files" as the second option, right below "Play".

Where are the Oblivion save files?

Your saved games are located in your C:My DocumentsMy GamesOblivion directory.

How do you edit ESP files in Oblivion?

The only tool to edit esp files is construction set. But to edit an esp, you also need to open any files that the esp depends on (i.e. Oblivion. esm). When you open CS, go to file->data files and check the esp in question along with Oblivion.

Where is the Oblivion ini file located?

Normally, Oblivion. ini is stored in the My DocumentsMy Games directory for each user. Similarly, Plugins. txt is stored under UsersTheNameoftheUserLocal SettingsApplication DataOblivionPlugins.

How do you use the construction set in Oblivion?

To use the CS, you will generally want to start by loading data files. Once the CS has been started, choose "Data..." from the "File" menu. You should see a list of data files, starting with "Oblivion. esm" (the main data file for Oblivion) and followed by .

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get a house in the Imperial city Oblivion?

To begin the quest, go to the Imperial City Market District. Locate the Office of Imperial Commerce and head inside. You can buy a house from the clerk, but only after you have raised her disposition so that she feels comfortable talking to you about buying property. The house costs 2,000 gold and is non-negotiable.

What is the hidden message in Oblivion?

The solution to the puzzle lies in the first letter of each paragraph in the Mythic Dawn Commentaries. As it turns out, putting the letters together will spell out a sentence: Green Emperor Way Where Tower Touches Midday Sun. Now, this may seem like a play on words, but it actually reveals a location.

Will Oblivion ever be remade?

The rumors indicate that the release of the Oblivion remaster could come as soon as 2024 or 2025, meaning the release would likely come before The Elder Scrolls 6.

Is Oblivion 200 years before Skyrim?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim followed in November 2011 to critical acclaim. The game is not a direct sequel to its predecessor, Oblivion, but instead takes place 200 years later, in Tamriel's land of Skyrim.

How do you get the construction set in Morrowind?

If you buy Morrowind on CD-Rom or on GOG.com, it comes packaged with the Morrowind Construction Set.

What does luck do on Oblivion?

According to uesp, luck provides an invisible bonus to your skills, increading their level when used for calculations. The buff is about 4 points to every skill for every 10 points of luck, but buffs won't apply beyond 100. So a really lucky character will do more slightly damage and have slightly cheaper spells.

Oblivion construction set how to check sound volume

Feb 8, 2018 — Can anyone tell me how I can change sound settings in my game? I'm having difficulties with voices playing in the game and believe it might be related to my 

What is NPC Oblivion?

NPCs (standing for non-player characters) is a generic term for all the other humanoids of various races that are encountered while playing Oblivion.

Where do I fence stolen goods in Oblivion?

Armand tells you that you're on your own to go steal some property and sell it to Ongar. Ongar is one of several fences who will buy stolen goods. Setting this as your active quest will tell you that Ongar is in Bruma. Fast travel there and look around for some items to pinch.

Can you have a girlfriend in Oblivion?

Somebody has been screwing with you mate you can't girlfriends or wives in oblivion. But you can get them in fable 2, that might be the game your friends have been telling you about.

Oblivion construction set how to fix the ghost mouth moves but you cant hear what he says

Dec 31, 2019 — I will hit S and drag to the size I want and usually when I'm done everything is fine but recently it gets stuck. I can't move the item anywhere 

Can you add two enchantments in Oblivion?

While you can find (and eventually enchant!) weapons with multiple enchantments, weapons in Oblivion only have two states: enchanted, and unenchanted. Once enchanted, weapons cannot be un-enchanted, and there is no way to add/subtract abilities, charge size, or effect magnitude after the initial enchantment.


How do you get more enchantments in Oblivion?

To get good enchantments go close Oblivion gates and obtain Sigil Stones. If you save your game before you touch the sigil stone, you can reload your game until you get the Sigil Stone Enchantment effects you are looking for.

How many enchantments can an item have Oblivion?
Armor can only have one enchantment (if you make it yourself). There are some armors that you can find as loot or in shops that have multiple enchantments, but you cannot enchant your own armor with more than one enchantment. But weapons can, yes.

How do you double items in Oblivion?

So I'm kind of coming to come in here to the slash. And smash edit it as. It is really easy to duplicate here and then sell it straight to him to get tons of money.

Can you put 2 enchanted items together?
Anvils will let you repair enchanted tools and combine two tools/items of the same kind together, giving you one tool with all the previous enchantments (unless two enchantments conflict with each other). Additionally, you can combine enchanted books with a tool/item to add the enchantment.

How do you delete objects in construction set Morrowind?

That can be done with the list of objects in the cell in the bottom right. Double-click on that object and make sure its the one you want gone in the renderer (top right)and then if it is delete. Window locations mentioned are the general default areas in the CS. Might be different if you have moved them around.

Do dropped items disappear in Morrowind?

As long as you don't leave it in a freshly killed body or drop it in the swamp it will be there. It will always be there. Stuff left on the ground occasionally disappears, but it usually doesn't happen.

How do you restore drained attributes in Morrowind?
Go to an imperial cult altar in a fort and pay the shrine to restore attributes, or make a spell to do it. Also, Sharn Gra-Muzgob at the Balmora Mages Guild sells standard restore potions for every attribute.

How long does it take for dropped loot to Despawn?

If the chunk in which the item is dropped is not loaded, then the item will stay there forever. However, once the chunk and the items inside of it loads, you have a timer of 5 minutes to retrieve the items or lose them forever.

How long do dropped items take to Despawn?

After 5 minutes, the item disappears. If the chunk loads and then unloads, the 5-minute timer is paused. This means that if the player walks close to their death location but then unloads the chunk after a few seconds, the despawn timer will not reset to 5 minutes but will only pause.

What is the command to spawn items in Oblivion?

Press the tilde (~) key to open the cheat console, then enter the command Player. AddItem followed by the weapon code and the quantity of the item you want. For example, to load two Blades of Woe, enter Player. AddItem 00091905 2.

What is the most powerful weapon in Oblivion?
Goldbrand, Base attack = 30, enchanted with 22 fire damage per hit, I think it gets 56 uses before needs to be recharged. This is technically the strongest weapon in the original oblivion. Although umbra beats its base attack, the enchantment makes it do 52 damage per hit.

What is the strongest bow in Oblivion?

Anyway, the strongest bow in the game is Hatred's Soul, which can only be found in a specific gate to Oblivion. Since all the gates are closed for you, I guess a daedric bow would be the next strongest. You have to be level 20+ and you can find them on most archers. I suggest Boethia's Shrine quest.

Oblivion construction set what does su mean in texture names

What is construction set in Oblivion?

Oblivion Construction Set. The Construction Set (CS for short) is a tool that can be used to view and edit the game's data files. It is a very complex and powerful program that cannot be described by a single article.

Oblivion construction set find where used

For The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Construction Set question (Need to find something)".

How do you use the builders wand in FTB?

Works if you left click what the builders want it opens up its own inventory. Compartment. So the builder's wand has its own inventory compartment that you can put materials in that you want to use.

How do you use builder wands?

Ability. Right-Click the face of a block to extend all connected block faces.

How do you use the wand of the lazy builder?

Wand of the Lazy Builder:

First, use a Tool Workstation to give the Wand an Ender Capacitor. You can also give it Link Crystals (Block) to link it to inventories. While holding the Wand in hand, information about the mode you are in and the block you have selected are visible in the bottom left of the screen.

How do you use extra utilities builder's wand?

The Builders Wand [sic] is an item added by Extra Utilities 2. When a player holds it and looks at a block, it attempts to expand the block the player is looking at by one layer, given the player has enough of that block in their inventory.

How do you make a sugarcane farm with a builder's wand?

So. And then what you're going to want to do is bring out your builder's wand. And you can just builders wand. Basically an entire floor of these slabs.

How do you drop an item in Oblivion?

To drop or remove an item from your inventory, access the Inventory tab. Find the item you wish to remove, and hold down the [Shift] key, then left-click on the item. That will drop the item and remove it from your inventory.

How do you drop quest items in Oblivion? A Quest Item cannot be dropped or sold; it will remain in your inventory till a quest removes it for you.

How far do you drop in Oblivion?

180 feet

Ride Information

The iconic Oblivion was the world's first vertical drop rollercoaster. That's a 180 feet drop, straight down! It's no surprise that the rollercoaster gains unrivalled momentum, because an Oblivion shuttle weighs the same as a large elephant.

How do you drop items in the forest?

To drop items in Sons of the Forest, press the G button on your keyboard, or B/Circle on a gamepad controller. However, this only drops the items if there's no space for it in your actual inventory, otherwise it just unequips it and puts it back in your bag - which isn't necessarily what you were hoping for.

  • How do you remove bound items in Oblivion?
    • It's a glitch you perform by damaging the bound item, repairing it with a repair hammer, THEN dropping it. Once you drop it, wait for the spell to expire, then pick it back up and you have a permanent, weightless unbound bound item.

  • How to save oblivion construction set
    • Apr 19, 2022 — I think you can rename the .tes to .esp and re-open it, then save. CS is prone to crashing, especially with large mods. Using the 4GB patch can 

  • Why is my oblivion not working?
    • Oblivion not starting is almost always a registry issue. When you have Oblivion uninstalled run something like CCleaner to wipe out the registry entries. Once that is done which will take a couple of minutes then you can reinstall and should have much better luck.

  • Where are the Oblivion ini files?
    • Ini is stored in the My DocumentsMy Games directory for each user. Similarly, Plugins. txt is stored under UsersTheNameoftheUserLocal SettingsApplication DataOblivionPlugins.

  • How long is jail in Oblivion?
    • 600 years

      Oblivion was, of course, the story of how an anonymous prisoner happened to meet the Emperor minutes before his assassination, and went on to fulfill an ancient prophecy by being locked up for over 600 years.

  • Why is Oblivion leveling bad?
    • Many players find Oblivion leveling broken, as you level you get too strong enemies against you making you lower difficulty settings or suffer longer and harder combats.

  • Do containers reset in Oblivion?
    • Container Regeneration[edit]

      In Cyrodiil, most of the containers are reset as part of the cell reset event. This event resets many things back to their original state, and that includes containers. This makes the majority of the containers in Cyrodiil unsafe to store items in.

  • What is the container limit in Oblivion?
    • Unlike people, containers do not have a weight limit, allowing you to place many items within them, but be careful. There is a glitch with inventory lists which causes items to disappear from containers that have a large number of items stored in them.

  • Do stored items disappear in Oblivion?
    • Accepted Answer. If you buy a house inside a city, all of the containers in it will be safe. The only exception is with the Anvil house. If you store anything in it before you finish the quest "Where Spirits Have Lease," the items will disappear upon the quest's completion.

  • What is the storage glitch in Oblivion?
    • Sometimes items appear to disappear from containers if you have already put a lot of items into that container. This is merely a display bug, however: if you start removing other items from the container the missing item(s) will reappear.

  • Is there a max number of summons in Oblivion?
    • You may only summon one creature at a time. Summoned creatures will not summon underlings. For example, Spider Daedra would normally summon Spiderlings, but summoned Spider Daedra are not able to do so. You can also attack summoned creatures and capture their souls; after three hits they turn hostile and attack you.

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