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What is a mixed or illogical construction

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What is an example of a mixed construction?

CORRECT: Most people who have pets live longer, happier lives. Another instance of mixed construction is when the subject and the predicate7 of the sentence don't make logical sense together. INCORRECT: The court decided that the woman's welfare was not safe with her abusive partner.

What are examples of mixed structures?

Take this mixed construction example: Teachers, a noble profession, involves a lot of patience. Teachers is not a profession; teaching is. When teachers was introduced as the subject of the sentence, it created the expectation that the rest of the sentence would describe something teachers do or are.

What is a mixed sentence and examples?

Mixed sentences often result when the writer starts the sentence with one plan and ends it with another plan, resulting in some missing parts along the way. For example, in the sentence: “Leah, an interesting companion, someone who would stand up for me.” The predicate is missing.

How do you fix mixed construction sentences?

Sometimes mixed construction sentences can be fixed by moving words around, adding words to the sentence, or both. Other times, the best repair is to turn the sentence into two or more sentences. Look at the following examples of mixed constructions, and consider the confusion that could result.

What is a mixed construction?

A mixed construction is a sentence containing parts that do not sensibly fit together. It may contain phrases or clauses that do not fit together logically or a subject that does not work grammatically with a predicate.

Which of the following is true of incomplete constructions?

Which of the following is true of incomplete constructions? They fail to fulfill reader expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of a general superintendent in construction?

Summary. The General Superintendent will provide oversight to the operations of 4 to 7 assigned projects. He or she will be responsible for overall safety, client satisfaction, resolving job issues and profit/ loss on their assigned projects.

What is the difference between a superintendent and a general foreman?

Big-picture tasks

A foreperson completes smaller items like task delegation, employee training and budget spending to keep the site working smoothly each day. Superintendents finish more high-level tasks and make big-picture decisions that can affect the quality and progress of the project.

What is the hierarchy of construction superintendent?

These tiers are generally broken down into the following: Program superintendent, super-structure superintendents, MEPF (mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection) superintendents, interior superintendents, craft/trade superintendents and assistant superintendents.

What is the structure of a mixed sentence?

A mixed construction is a sentence with incompatible elements that begins with one type of structure and shifts to another type of structure. In these sentences, the speaker sets out to say one thing and abruptly switches to something else, resulting in confusion.


How do you fix mixed construction?
How to correct them
  1. Make sure phrases or clauses work together logically. Rewrite the sentence to eliminate confusion.
  2. Make subjects and predicates consistent.
  3. Avoid the constructions is when, is where, or the reason is…
Which of the following sentences avoids the use of excess words?

Answer = option (D) I would like to learn more about your project This sentence avoids the use of excess words it doesn't have extra articles, n…

What's a mixed construction?

A mixed construction happens when you start a sentence with one construction and finish it with another. At their most basic level, sentences have a subject and a predicate. In a mixed construction sentence, the predicate doesn't match the subject.

What is a mixed or illogical construction

What is a mixed or illogical construction

Another instance of mixed construction is when the subject and the predicate7 of the sentence don't make logical sense together. INCORRECT: The court 

What is a mixed home?

Mixed-use property is a type of real estate property that combines commercial, residential and sometimes even industrial units. This allows investors to take advantage of different types of property in a single investment.

What is an example of a mixed-use building?

Mixed-use buildings can be as simple as a mom-and-pop retail shop in a storefront building with an apartment or two upstairs. Or it could be a single-family home with a doctor's office on the ground floor.

  • What is a mixed land use building?
    • What is mixed land use? Mixed land use development combines residential, commercial, cultural, or institutional functions into a building, block, or neighborhood. It's usually planned and built in small, dense areas to increase walkability and cycling.

  • What is the architectural concept of a mixed-use building?
    • A mixed-use building aims to combine three or more uses into one structure such as residential, hotel, retail, parking, transportation, cultural, and entertainment.

  • What is a mixed mortgage?
    • A mixed mortgage loan establishes a monthly payment at a fixed rate during the first few years, and the rest of the loan life will be determined by a variable interest rate.

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