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Where to buy construction cones in baton rouge

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They range from 4 inches to 42 inches in height. The most commonly used parking cone sizes are the 28″ traffic cone and the 12″ traffic cone.

What size are safety cones?

Safety cones

Safety (traffic) cone 450mm high250mm x 250mm x 450mmSTC450R
Safety (traffic) cone 700mm high360mm x 360mm x 700mmSTC700R
Safety (traffic) cone 900mm high360mm x 360mm x 900mmSTC900R

How big is an average traffic cone?

SafeSite Facilities can provide one-piece traffic cones in two sizes. Our small cones are 450mm high, 270mm wide, with a weight of 3kg. Large cones measure 1000m by 450mm with a weight of 6.25kg.

What is the minimum height of a cone at night?

Traffic cones are used to

For freeways and other high-speed highways or at night on all highways, the minimum cone height is 28 inches. And these need to be “retroreflectorized” or equipped with lighting devices for maximum visibility.

What is cone height and width?

FAQs on Cone Height Formula

The height of the cone using cone height formulas are, h = 3V/πr 2 and h = √l2 - r2, where V = Volume of the cone, r = Radius of the cone, and l = Slant height of the cone.

What are construction cones called?

Traffic cones, also called pylons, witches' hats, road cones, highway cones, safety cones, caution cones, channelizing devices, construction cones, or just cones, are usually cone-shaped markers that are placed on roads or footpaths to temporarily redirect traffic in a safe manner.

How do construction workers pick up cones?

Workers in roadside work zones use traffic cone trucks on a regular basis to safely deploy and pick up cones.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do blue construction cones mean?

Navy Blue Traffic Cones-Notice. OSHA uses blue to denote important information that is non-hazardous. Blue is also used to designate Handicapped-only spaces. White Traffic Cones. White marks areas that are considered safe.

Where to buy mini construction cones for decorating cakes

I used these cones to decorate a construction cake for a small child. They had funny sayings on them and were a perfect size for the cake. Perfect shipping by 


What are the alternatives to traffic cones?
Traffic barrels (also called "traffic drums") are more cylindrical and create more of a barrier than traffic cones. This slightly sloping cylindrical shape also makes them very easy to stack and store.

What do orange traffic cones mean?

Orange safety cones are most commonly used to create buffer zones, also known as buffer space. A buffer zone is an area created by traffic cones that separate workers from oncoming traffic or other hazardous situations.

Where to buy construction cones in baton rouge

How heavy are construction cones?

Traffic Cones

Part NumberWeightDescription
WC12PO1.8 lbs12" Traffic Cone
WC18PO3 lbs18" Traffic Cone
WC28PO7 lbs28" Traffic Cone
WC36PO10 lbs36" Traffic Cone
What is the lifespan of a traffic cone?

According to Research and Markets, manufacturers claim PVC traffic cones to have a lifespan of two to three years.

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