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Which purpose of research is the basis for theory construction? sociology

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The Basis for Theory Construction in Sociology Research

In the field of sociology, research plays a crucial role in the development and construction of theories. Understanding the purpose of research as the foundation for theory construction is essential for any individual seeking to delve into this field. In this brief review, we will explore the positive aspects and benefits of research as the basis for theory construction in sociology, along with the conditions under which it can be effectively utilized.

Positive Aspects of Research as a Basis for Theory Construction in Sociology:

  1. Knowledge Expansion:
  • Research serves as a means to expand our understanding of sociological phenomena and theories.
  • It allows for the exploration of new concepts and perspectives, leading to the development of innovative theories.
  • Research promotes intellectual growth and contributes to the overall body of knowledge in sociology.
  1. Validation and Refinement of Existing Theories:
  • Research helps validate or refute existing theories by providing empirical evidence.
  • Through rigorous investigation, research allows for the refinement and improvement of theories, ensuring their relevance and accuracy.
  • It enables sociologists to identify the limitations and gaps in current theories, leading to further exploration and the creation of more comprehensive frameworks.
  1. Practical Applications:
  • Research conducted for theory construction in sociology has practical implications for various fields, including

Goal of sociological research is to test common sense assumptions and replace false ideas with facts and evidence. Part of the sociological perspective is to ask “why” and “how” questions and then to form hypotheses to arrive at accurate understandings.

What is the basis of any sort of sociological research?

Empirical Framework

We often have opinions about social situations, but these may be biased by our expectations or based on limited data. Instead, scientific research is based on empirical evidence, which is evidence that comes from direct experience, scientifically gathered data, or experimentation.

What type of research is done by formulating a theory and testing it?

Quantitative research is for testing hypotheses and measuring relationships between variables. It follows the process of objectively collecting data and analyzing it numerically, to determine and control variables of interest.

What is the primary purpose of reviewing existing sources in sociological research?

Research Existing Sources

This step helps researchers gain a broad understanding of work previously conducted on the topic at hand and enables them to position their own research to build on prior knowledge. It allows them to sharpen the focus of their research question and avoid duplicating previous research.

What is the purpose of social research quizlet?

Another primary goal of social research is to test and expand guiding principles, axioms, and laws (known as theories). This is traditionally done through experimental or quasi-experimental studies. Here, hypotheses are formed and tested. Testing hypotheses can improve our knowledge about theories.

Is the developmental period of adolescence often considered a social construction?

Adolescence is a socially constructed concept. In pre-industrial society, children were considered adults when they reached physical maturity; however, today we have an extended time between childhood and adulthood known as adolescence.

What is a social construction quizlet?

Social Construction. This is any category, condition, or thing that exists or is understood to have certain characteristics because people socially agree that it does.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which developmental stage is a social construction?

Hewlett (2013) defines it: “an intense and challenging time of risk and change, of learning and growth, of biological and social development.” Adolescence exists as a social construct—a stage of life between childhood and adulthood—and as a biological construct associated with the onset of reproductive maturation (i.e.

What is the main idea of social construction?

Social constructionism is a theory of knowledge that holds that characteristics typically thought to be immutable and solely biological—such as gender, race, class, ability, and sexuality—are products of human definition and interpretation shaped by cultural and historical contexts (Subramaniam 2010).

What are the three parts of social construction?

Process of social construction

Burger and Luckmann (1966) argue that social construction works in three stages, externalization, objectification, and internalization.

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How is sociology related to architecture?

Cultural sociology

Architecture is the visual shape ("Gestalt") of society, and within that, all the various building types (architecture of consumption, of mobility, of the political and religious, as well as factories, prisons, cinema buildings, etc.) could become objects of architectural sociology.

What is home in sociology?

Despite many sociologists trying to reinvent the wheel, most actually agree that it is a fixed place of residence for the family. Sociologist Ruskin, back in 1868, understood that it is a shelter from the outside world. Relating this to Goffman, the home is a backstage region and a place of privacy.

How does sociology help in design?

Design sociology can contribute more formative and conceptual research that can contribute to the design process by uncovering the meanings and uses of objects or systems that are already part of everyday lives, or by asking people to consider or generate new ideas about future objects or systems before they have

Does sociology help with real estate?

A sociology degree is a great degree for those interested in learning more about the real estate market and what keeps it alive. Sociology students will learn how to work with others and interpret what they want and need.

What is an example of a household in sociology?

A household is where one individual or a group of people live together at one address and share living space. Individuals that live together when sharing university accommodation would be considered a household rather than a family unit.


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Which purpose of research is the basis for theory construction? sociology

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How is a family socially constructed quizlet?

Families are SOCIALLY CONSTRUCTED rather than biologically determined. This means that families vary within and across cultures and throughout history. Each society defines "family" depending on its social, cultural, and economic contexts.

Which of the following best describes what a social structure is?

What best describes a social structure? A social structure is best described as a group of different social groups and/or institutions and how they interact and are interwoven into each other's affairs.

Which of these answers describes what the social structure is?

Social structure, in sociology, the distinctive, stable arrangement of institutions whereby human beings in a society interact and live together. Social structure is often treated together with the concept of social change, which deals with the forces that change the social structure and the organization of society.

  • What do sociologists mean by social construction quizlet?
    • Social Construction. This is any category, condition, or thing that exists or is understood to have certain characteristics because people socially agree that it does.

  • What is social construction of family?
    • Family - The concept of family is a social construct. Some perceive family to be limited to the traditional nuclear unit of mother, father and biological children, while others take the broader perspective that there are many types of family structures.

  • What is the acronym PFM?
    • What Is Personal Financial Management (PFM)? While the moniker “personal financial management” is often used to refer to ways of managing your personal finances, it is also an actual term often known by its acronym, PFM, and refers to the type of software used for personal finance apps.

  • What is a PFM solution?
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  • What is PFM in investment?
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